PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University, USA (2022)
Advisors: Simon A. Levin, Naomi E. Leonard, Corina E. Tarnita

MA in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University, USA (2019)
Completed examinations in mathematical biology, control theory, and applied PDEs

BS in Physics and Sociology, Yale University, USA (2017)
Advisors: David G. Rand (sociology thesis), Daisuke Nagai (physics thesis)

International Baccalaureate, United World College of the Adriatic, Italy (2013)


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Recent Talks

* denotes an upcoming talk
** denotes a talk postponed or canceled due to COVID-19

March 2023: AMS 2023 Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA.*

January 2023: Simulation-based Science Seminar, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.*

September 2022: Building Networks: Women in Complex & Nonlinear Systems, Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff, AB.

July 2022: SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences (LS22), Pittsburgh, PA / Online.

June 2022: Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Sciences and the Humanities, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Online.

April 2022: Complex/Dynamical Systems Seminar, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder, Online.

March 2022: AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting, Bedford, MA.

January 2022: Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) 2022, Seattle, WA.**

December 2021: Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Winter Meeting, Online.

July 2021: Networks 2021, Online.

May 2021: SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS21), Online.

May 2021: Theoretical Ecology Lab Tea (with Sebastián Michel-Mata), Princeton University, Online.

November 2020: Women in Network Science (WiNS) Seminar, University of Washington, Online. Videos: part 1 and part 2.

September 2020: PACM Graduate Student Seminar, Princeton University, Online.

September 2020: Int’l School and Conference on Network Science (NetSci 2020), Online.

August 2020: Princeton-PIK-SRC Workshop on Network Resilience, Sustainable Cities, and the Global Food System (Workshop), Online.

August 2020: Dialogues in Complexity II: Political Polarization (Workshop), Online.

July 2020: Tenth International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS 2020), Online.

June 2020: SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences (LS20), Garden Grove, CA.**

May 2020: AMS Spring Western Sectional Meeting, Fresno, CA.**

April 2020: PACM Graduate Student Seminar, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.**

March 2020: Collective Information Processing Workshop, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Presented online).

November 2019: Theoretical Ecology Lab Tea, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

October 2019: Social Decisions Workshop 2019, University of Houston, Houston, TX.

August 2019: Political Polarization Workshop, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

July 2019: Princeton-Humboldt CoCCoN Meeting, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

June 2019: Warrior-Scholar Project STEM Course (a two-week boot camp aimed to equip veterans for undergraduate programs), Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (Outreach).